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The Wretched: Based on the film written and directed by Nathaniel Davis

Wretched poster book cover small.jpg
Porn stars Kandi Samples and Shannon Sweet are hitting the road: Kandi has just shot her final feature before retiring to become a mom, and Shannon wants to show Kandi a good time before consigning her best friend to the domestic doldrums. Cramping their style somewhat is Mandy Misery: a caustic coworker in need of a ride.

As the three women cruise the back roads of America, they stumble across the ultimate tourist trap: a haunted bed and breakfast, promising no charge if you stay until sunrise. Turns out, though, the place's marketing is dead-on accurate, and more than lives up to its claims. Based on the indie-horror film written and directed by Nathaniel Davis, The Wretched finds Kandi, Mandy, and Shannon chased by killer bellhops, crazed cultists, and their own dark pasts as they fight to survive the night and make it back on the road alive.
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